International Gathering for ROVERS

While the Scout section has the World Scout Jamboree, Rovers have World Rover Moots. The first occurred in Kandersteg, Switzerland in 1931.

1st World Rover Moot 1931: Kandersteg, Switzerland2nd World Rover Moot 1935: Ingarö, Sweden3rd World Rover Moot 1939: Monzie, Scotland4th World Rover Moot 1949: Skjak, Norway5th World Rover Moot 1953: Kandersteg, Switzerland6th World Rover Moot 1957: Sutton Coldfield, UK7th World Rover Moot December 1961-January 1962: Melbourne, Australia

After the 7th World Rover Moot, these events were dropped from the international Scouting calendar for thirty years. The reasons can only be speculated on. Instead, the World Scout Bureau designated every fourth year a “World Moot Year” and countries were encouraged to hold their own events, as well as welcome international attendees. World Moot Years ended in 1982.

During the early 1980s, informal discussion developed among Rovers from a number of countries, notably Canada, Australia and New Zealand, of a push for World Moots to be reintroduced. Australian Rovers took the lead and made representations through The Scout Association of Australia. This was successful and in 1985, the World Scout Conference held in Munich, Germany resolved to re-establish the events. At the World Scout Conference in Melbourne, Australia in 1988, bid presentations to host the 8th World Moot were made by Australia and Switzerland. The Conference granted the event to Australia, then the 9th World Moot to Switzerland to be held 18 months later. In 1993, it was decided World Moots would continue, to be held every four years.

From the 8th World Moot, held in 1990 in Melbourne, Australia, the event was renamed World Scout Moot because the term Rover is not used in all countries.

8th World Scout Moot December 1990-January 1991: Melbourne, Australia9th World Scout Moot July 1992: Kandersteg, Switzerland10th World Scout Moot July 1996: Ransäter, Sweden11th World Scout Moot July 2000: Mexico City, Mexico12th World Scout Moot July–August 2004: Hualien, Taiwan13th World Scout Moot July 2010: Nairobi, Kenya (the 6-year gap was due to Mozambique withdrawing from hosting the event in 2008)14th World Scout Moot August 2013: Ottawa, Canada

Future World Moots:

15th World Scout Moot 2017: Reykjavík, Iceland16th World Scout Moot 2021: Ireland

International Scout events in Europe aimed at the older age section usually keep the Rovername. There was a European Rover Moot in 1965 at Tiveden in Sweden. There is currently a series of events called RoverWay. This first occurred in 2003 in Portugal, followed by 2006 in Italy and Iceland 2009, the next is scheduled for 2012 in Finland.

The CES (Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme) holds an annual International Rover Moot.

June 2007: Het Naaldenveld in Bentveld. NetherlandsJune 2008: Mettmann GermanyJune 2009: Hesley Wood UK.

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